Chef, ZR_881

Reference: ZR_881
Salary: £65-£70k+ per annum gross
Availability: One months notice

Location: UK

Contract Type: Permanent

A seasoned chef with a decade of expertise, has crafted culinary delights for High Net Worth Individuals, families, celebrities, and Royal households. Her culinary journey spans across Dubai, Miami, LA, NYC, Turkey, and various European destinations. Passionate about exploring diverse cuisines, she finds inspiration in books, people, and places, constantly seeking fresh ideas and experimenting with new produce. Our talented

Chef, ZR_8812023-11-27T15:37:44+00:00

Live In Cook, ZR_4627

Reference: ZR_4672
Salary: Negotiable
Availability: 2 weeks notice

Location: Anywhere

Contract Type: Permanent

Romanian with fluent English, a passionate self taught cook who is regularly buying new recipe books to update her skills and knowledge. She also enjoys baking and making jams and preserves. She is only looking to move from her current role as the family are relocating overseas and although they asked her to join them she would prefer to

Live In Cook, ZR_46272023-11-23T10:00:11+00:00

Chef/Housemanager, ZR_1685

Reference: ZR_1685
Salary: £5500+ per month net
Availability: One months notice

Location: UAE

Contract Type: Permanent

Cordon Bleu trained Chef with 25 years in the food industry. Cuisine is her passion and can cook up a contrasting variety of any cultural dishes. She previously worked for 8 years with one family as Chef and house manger and during her vast career has cooked for Royalty and

Chef/Housemanager, ZR_16852023-11-23T10:01:10+00:00

Chef, ZR_1087

Reference: ZR_1087
Salary: £55k+ per annum gross
Availability: One months notice

Location: UK

Contract Type: Permanent

Excellent and hard working Chef specialising in Caribbean, Mediterranean and British Cuisine. Her current position in a semi-formal home has included catering for special events and shoots. She comes highly recommended and is ideally looking for a long term position.

Chef, ZR_10872023-11-23T10:02:37+00:00

Butler/Chef, ZR_1160

Reference: ZR_1160
Salary: £55k+ per annum gross
Availability: ASAP

Location: UK

Contract Type: Permanent

Professional female Butler/Chef with a proven track record of providing a high level of service. Silver service trained and will also prepare cuisine to a very high standard. Can manage other staff and flexible regarding all household duties required of her.

Butler/Chef, ZR_11602023-11-23T10:05:07+00:00

Chef, ZR_515

Reference: ZR_515
Salary: £50k+ pa gross

Location: UK
Contract Type: Available for Temporary & Permanent

Superb Daily or Live In Chef experienced cooking and working with high net families. Previously worked in Michelin Star restaurants and 5*star hotels. Available for short term, last minute positions whilst looking for a long term position.

Chef, ZR_5152023-11-23T10:06:00+00:00

Chef, ZR_423

Reference: ZR_423
Salary: £60k + pa gross

Location: UK & Overseas
Contract Type: Permanent

A multi-lingual and innovative Chef with more than 17 years’ experience catering for high net worth individuals.

Proven record working with ingredients from around the world. Looking for a long-term live in position. £60K pa.

Chef, ZR_4232023-11-23T10:07:03+00:00
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