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Domestic Couple

Employing a professional domestic couple in a private household is increasingly popular as more employers see the many benefits a couple can offer.    A domestic couple can take over every aspect of running a home and as such many clients choose to have them taking care of their second homes, weekend or part-time residences.

Domestic couples can cover the jobs of three of four people and their joint salary and shared accommodation makes them much more cost effective. They are a ready-made team as they are used to working together. Good teamwork is a big advantage in private homes and helps mitigate personality clashes that can arise within staff teams. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Private Staff - Domestic Couple


A Housekeeper is a key role in any household. Some of the many variations are listed below;

Hands on daily cleaners, looking after all day-to-day cleaning and laundry duties in the home.

Housekeeper/Cooks responsible for cleaning and cooking for family meals or dinner parties. This may include food shopping, online orders and menu planning.

Housekeeper/Nannies look after cleaning, laundry and childcare. The division of duties is dependant on employer requirements bearing in mind ages of the child/children and if they are at home or school.

Housekeeper/PA duties include general cleaning, laundry as well as basic office skills such as filing, booking flights and restaurants, organising tickets for theatre…

Head/Executive Housekeeper will manage other staff, organise rotas and ensure the household is always running smoothly.

House Manager

A house manager is a senior role within the private home working directly with the principal of the household, often overseeing a large number of staff. House Managers are responsible for the smooth day to day running of the household, managing outside contractors, Butlers, Housekeepers, Chef’s, PA’s and Nannies.

Salaries start around £40k gross per annum up to around £150k and upwards for exceptional candidates.

We would be delighted to assist in your search for a House manager tailored to your needs. Please call us on 020 7101 4684 or contact us here to discuss your requirements.


The Butler was traditionally always male and head of the household staff – think Carson (Downton Abbey). These days female Butlers are also in demand and the role has changed considerably from the Downton days….

As well as managing the household staff, modern day Butlers are regularly required to drive for their employers and assist the housekeeper with cleaning. General butler duties include laying the dining table, serving drinks and meals. Valeting vehicles, managing wardrobes, looking after a wine cellar or Art collection can also be required. Sometimes PA duties or cooking are needed.

Every employer’s need is slightly different, and we can tailor our search according to your particular requirements. Some formal homes will still require white gloved Butlers responding to a bell, more modern households, whilst wanting the same level of professionalism and attention to detail, may prefer a more personable approach.

Whichever your preference we would be delighted to assist in your search. Call us now for a confidential chat about your requirements.

Salaries for Butlers can range from £45k gross to around £60k gross pa, depending on duties, responsibilities and whether accommodation is provided.

We would be delighted to assist in your search for a butler tailored to your needs. Please call us on 020 7101 4684 or contact us here to discuss your requirements.

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