Daily Nanny, ZR_5288

Reference: ZR_5288
Salary: Negotiable

Availability: One months notice

Location: Wiltshire and surrounding areas

Contract Type: Permanent

Qualified and experienced Nanny who is looking for another long term role from next month onwards. She is knowledge, enthusiastic, flexible  and very outdoorsy. She has been described as ‘ the best Nanny we have ever had!’ ‘She is like a second mother to my son’ ‘ all my friends call her the super nanny’.

Daily Nanny, ZR_52882023-11-23T15:34:30+00:00

Daily Nanny/PA/HK, ZR_3176

Reference: ZR_3176
Salary: £50-£55k+ per annum gross
Availability: London

Location: London

Contract Type: Permanent

Daily London Nanny/PA/HK, live in anywhere else, she has held many different roles with similar duties – Nanny/Housekeeper/cook/family PA, she is very confident, a real multitasker, enthusiastic, caring and highly experienced. She is based in London at the moment, but happy to relocate. Available for an immediate start date. 

Daily Nanny/PA/HK, ZR_31762023-11-23T15:35:19+00:00

Daily Nanny, Hants, ZR_5285

Reference: ZR_5285
Salary: £45-£50k+ per annum gross
Availability: One months notice

Location: Hampshire

Contract Type: Permanent

Qualified and experienced Nanny and Nursery Nurse who is finishing her role of 5 years and would love to find another lovely family to work for long-term. Based in Christchurch, she has worked in the baby room at her nursery, is very down to earth, warm and caring. 

Daily Nanny, Hants, ZR_52852023-11-23T15:36:49+00:00

Nanny, ZR_2899

Reference: ZR_2899
Salary: £1200+ per week net
Availability: ASAP

Location: London and surrounding areas
Contract Type: Permanent

Highly qualified, experienced and simply outstanding Nanny very well known to us who has just finished her role of 14 years with a high profile family in a fully staffed home . Former employer of 14 years couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She is incredibly warm, organised, enthusiastic, professional, switched on, enjoys traveling as part
Nanny, ZR_28992023-11-23T15:37:56+00:00

Nanny, ZR_1441

Reference: ZR_1441
Salary: £550+ per week net
Availability: ASAP

Location: SW London – Richmond, Kew, Barnes, Putney, East Sheen
Contract Type: Permanent

Highly organized, educationally focused and sporty Nanny is looking for a 4 or 5 day per week long term role in the Richmond / Kew/ Barnes/ East Sheen/ Putney area. She would also be happy to do after school hours during term time and full time during school holidays . As a qualified

Nanny, ZR_14412023-11-23T15:39:18+00:00

Nanny, ZR_681

Reference: ZR_681
Salary: Negotiable depending on role
Availability: One months notice

Location: Flexible
Contract Type: Permanent

Highly experienced ( 10 years +) primary school teacher who has worked in private homes as a governess/tutor – home-schooling and preparing her charges  for the British school entry examination, taught both the Swiss and British curriculum at a prestigious boarding school, in prep schools and primary schools. She is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate, especially about  assisting students

Nanny, ZR_6812023-11-23T15:40:00+00:00

Nanny, ZR_1253

Reference: ZR_1253
Salary: Depending on the hours and days of the role
Availability: ASAP

Location: London (live in or daily), Overseas
Contract Type: Permanent

Qualified teacher available for an immediate start date, either on a temporary or permanent basis. She has just finished her role of 4 years as a teacher and housemistress at the prestigious boarding school ‘Institut auf dem Rosenberg’, has taught pupils of many different nationalities and abilities.  Would be fantastic for

Nanny, ZR_12532023-11-23T15:41:36+00:00

Nanny, ZR_1099

Reference: ZR_1099
Salary: Negotiable depending on the hours over the weekend
Availability: ASAP

Location: London
Contract Type: Permanent

Wonderful French and English speaking weekend nanny/tutor is now available on a daily or live in basis. She loves talking to her charges about current affairs, space or any other topic they might be interested in, has been tutoring them for the 7+, 8+,10+ and 11+. Her employer of 8 years has given her an absolutely glowing

Nanny, ZR_10992023-11-23T15:42:31+00:00

Nanny, ZR_1017

Reference: ZR_1017
Salary: £600+ net per week (live in), £700+ net per week (daily)

Availability: One months notice

Location: London
Contract Type: Live in, daily or rota

Exceptional, NNEB qualified nanny who has been with her current employer for over 8 years is looking to settle into her next long term role from February onwards. With over 15 years of experience, glowing references and a driving license she stands out with her incredible commitment and

Nanny, ZR_10172023-11-23T15:44:55+00:00

Nanny, ZR_416

Reference: ZR_416
Salary: £Top
Availability: Immediate

Location: London/Cotswolds/Worcestershire/Herefordshire/Shropshire/Wiltshire/Hampshire
Contract Type: Live in or daily weekend role

Fantastic Norland qualified nanny in her mid 30’s who has worked for many high profile clients both abroad and in the UK. Now a mother herself she is looking for a weekend role from Friday evening to Sunday evening. She is available for an immediate start and comes highly recommended by her previous employers,.

Nanny, ZR_4162023-11-23T15:45:55+00:00
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