Nanny, ZR_1779

Reference: ZR_1779
Salary: £1200 per week clear
Availability: ASAP

Location: London, Worldwide
Contract Type: Permanent

Teacher/Tutor/Governor currently in Spain , free for an immediate start date. As a  Irish passport holder he wouldn’t have any issues obtaining a working permit for Switzerland and Europe. He has worked both in schools and private households as a tutor, mentor and home-school teacher ( especially with secondary school aged children), he is very enthusiastic about his role, highly

Nanny, ZR_17792021-02-16T13:44:14+00:00

Nanny, ZR_2084

Reference: ZR_2084
Salary: £1000 per week clear
Availability: ASAP

Location: London, Worldwide
Contract Type: Permanent

Highly enthusiastic and dedicated Nanny who’s strength and passion is the educational side of childcare as well as organising fun activities for her charges. Her previous employers describe her as very knowledgeable, kind and caring, super patient, bubbly with lots of imagination. She has been assisting her most recent charges with their home-schooling and managed to extend their work rather

Nanny, ZR_20842021-02-16T13:32:18+00:00

Nanny, ZR_1644

Reference: ZR_1644
Salary: £1500 per week clear
Availability: ASAP

Location: London, Worldwide
Contract Type: Permanent

Exceptionally dedicated qualified teacher, governess, tutor who has recently finished her role of 6 years with a high profile family is now looking for her next long term position. She comes highly recommended by her last employer where she oversaw and attended to the educational needs of their children throughout their primary and middle school education. She prepped them for

Nanny, ZR_16442021-02-16T12:39:16+00:00

Nanny, ZR_1385

Reference: ZR_1385
Salary: £1000 + per week clear
Availability: ASAP

Location: London, Worldwide
Contract Type: Permanent

Well presented and highly recommended French Nanny with excellent level of English. She has previously worked in the UK, the US and Switzerland, has experience with all age groups , is dedicated with an exceptional work ethic.

Nanny, ZR_13852021-02-16T12:20:35+00:00

Nanny, ZR_507

Reference: ZR_507
Salary: £1100 + per week clear
Availability: ASAP

Location: Worldwide
Contract Type: Permanent or Temporary

Enthusiastic Governess/ Tutor with lots of experience teaching the British curriculum. Previous employers describe her as ‘very calm and cautious in her approach. She displays a caring personality when looking after the children. She is always tidy and very well presented’ . Another one who rated her very highly said ‘ She is playful, affectionate and talkative with

Nanny, ZR_5072021-02-16T11:42:46+00:00

Nanny, ZR_681

Reference: ZR_681
Salary: depending on role
Availability: January 2021

Location: flexible
Contract Type: Permanent

Highly experienced ( 10 years +) primary school teacher who has worked in private homes as a governess/tutor – home-schooling and preparing her charges  for the British school entry examination, taught both the Swiss and British curriculum at a prestigious boarding school, in prep schools and primary schools. She is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate, especially about  assisting students with dyslexia

Nanny, ZR_6812021-01-07T14:38:42+00:00

Nanny, ZR_1376

Reference: ZR_1276 PLACED
Salary: £1000 per week clear
Availability: January 2021

Location: London and  Overseas
Contract Type: Permanent

PLACED – Highly recommended, educationally focused, creative and enthusiastic nanny-governess available for a January start. She is extremely proactive and hardworking , loves to support learning through means of play, outdoor time and by utilising arts and crafts. She has been home schooling different ages during the past months , including children with special educational needs. PLACED 

Nanny, ZR_13762021-01-07T13:46:10+00:00

Nanny, ZR_1253

Reference: ZR_1253
Salary: depending on the hours and role
Availability: ASAP

Location: London (live in or daily), Overseas
Contract Type: Permanent

Qualified teacher available for an immediate start date, either on a temporary or permanent basis. She has just finished her role of 4 years as a teacher and housemistress at the prestigious boarding school ‘Institut auf dem Rosenberg’, has taught pupils of many different nationalities and abilities.  Would be fantastic for any governess/ tutor/

Nanny, ZR_12532021-01-04T15:01:15+00:00

Nanny, ZR_1099

Reference: ZR_1099
Salary: depending on the hours over the weekend
Availability: ASAP

Location: London
Contract Type: Permanent

Wonderful French and English speaking weekend nanny/tutor is now available on a daily or live in basis. She loves talking to her charges about current affairs, space or any other topic they might be interested in, has been tutoring them for the 7+, 8+,10+ and 11+. Her employer of 8 years has given her an absolutely glowing reference

Nanny, ZR_10992020-12-09T17:27:19+00:00

Nanny, ZR_1256

Reference: ZR_1256
Salary: top  – depending on role
Availability: January/February 2021

Location: London and surrounding areas ( live in) , or rota in Europe
Contract Type: Permanent

French and English speaking qualified teacher, nanny and governess is looking for her next  long term position in London and surrounding areas or in Europe (rota role). She is incredibly knowledgeable, has more than 15 years experience , is very well presented, well-travelled, bright, cheerful and comes with

Nanny, ZR_12562020-12-09T17:10:42+00:00
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