Reference: ZR_5402
Salary: £60k+ gross pa
Availability: Very short notice

Location: Countryside – anywhere in the UK

Contract Type: Permanent

South African couple, returning to the UK  and free to start a new position  with very short notice. They worked together in Scotland looking after 2 guest houses and 2 hostels for a private employer. He was responsible for all maintenance, electrics and plumbing and she looked after the reception area, including all administration associated with bookings as well as housekeeping and caring for one of the residents. This was a seasonal role and indeed they have been invited back but they would prefer a long term permanent position in a private household. They have looked after various rental properties in South Africa where they do all cleaning and maintenance between them. They have no dependents or pets to accompany and are looking for an employer anywhere rural and a salary around £60k+ gross pa.